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Blue Lace Agate Rosary


This handmade rosary contains high quality 6 mm Blue Lace Agate gemstone Ave beads on sterling silver wire, 8 mm blue lampwork rosebud beads capped in sterling silver, and 4 mm Blue Lace Agate gemstone accent beads. It measures approximately 28.5 inches long.

The rosary is made using a specific wire-wrapping method, and each connecting loop of sterling silver is double reinforced--making it impossible for this rosary to break! The centerpiece, crucifix, and all rosary components are made of solid sterling silver. The centerpiece is a beautiful Miraculous Medal image. The crucifix is a uniquely designed piece measuring approximately 2 inches. These beads would make the best gift for a Confirmation, First Communion, Baptism, Marriage, or for any Catholic dedicated to the Blessed Mother. 

 Each rosary comes in a cloth bag and box. We guarantee that our rosaries are unbreakable, and each wire-wrapped rosary comes with a lifetime promise of durability.