The Story of Simple Rosaries

The Simple Story

Hello & welcome to my small, family business - I am so glad you're here!

My name is Marian Eno, and I'm the creator behind Simple Rosaries. I am a 30 year old graduate of Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, where I received my Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and a minor in Theology. I live in a small town in Central Massachusetts with my husband, Benjamin, and two cats, Clementine and Linus. In my spare time, I practice calligraphy, read lots of books, and enjoy cooking a nice meal.  

Simple Rosaries began in March of 2018; however, my mother, Gayle Robertson-Murphy, began Queen of Peace Rosaries in August of 1999. One day, she became frustrated when another one of her rosaries was torn apart by my brother and me (sorry, mom!). Most rosaries she had bought in the past were poorly constructed, breaking easily and quickly. Her collection of broken rosaries grew in her bedside table, waiting to be repaired. The beads came unhooked, the chains were weak, the jump rings came loose, and their appearance looked "machine-made". Her rosaries just weren't the unique, beautiful, or conducive to prayer rosaries she wanted.

Armed with cheap beads and wire, Gayle began to spend the following months twisting and turning wire until she made a method that she could really yank without the beads scattering across the floor. This method of wire-wrapping was the first of its kind, and has been replicated over the years by different businesses. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, some may say. Over time, she decided to use finer materials such as gold, silver, and bronze, creating fine, jewelry-quality, heirloom rosary beads. She wanted to make sure her rosaries would last a lifetime, passing them down from generation to generation, and as a result, she sold her rosaries all around the globe for 15 years.

As I grew up, I learned how my mother made rosaries. Weekend afternoons for me were spent beading a few rosaries while my mom wire-wrapped nearby. I received a special rosary from my mother on my First Communion, and that rosary remains unbroken to this day. I share my mother's innate desire to create something with my hands, and after college, I began wire-wrapping rosaries with her. Unfortunately, Gayle passed away in 2016. There were boxes upon boxes of beads and materials, and I felt the call to continue my mother's beloved rosary business. My mother's faith and her love for the rosary inspired me to continue this legacy of sharing the rosary with people around the world.

I sincerely hope you take a look at what Simple Rosaries has to offer. My goal is always to make a rosary that you will cherish and use for a lifetime. If you have any questions, please reach out via email at -- Id' love to work with you.

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