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My work has been endorsed by Fr. Z many times. You can read his thoughts here, here, and here. He has referred to my rosaries as "beautiful and bequeathable". In another post he says, "If you are looking for exquisite gifts of a spiritual nature, which could be a lifetime treasure and then a family heirloom, check these out. In The Present Crisis we need the Most Holy Rosary now more than ever."

Former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have received my rosaries as a gift from Fr. Z. You can read more about that here.

Simple Rosaries has also been featured on the blog of Mr. Will Ross. You can read his kind words and more here.

Finally, Simple Rosaries has been featured in local publications such as the Milford Daily News, the Worcester Telegram, and the Patch.

Customer Reviews of Simple Rosaries

"Thank you for my beautiful sweet Margaret rosaries. The first time I held them in my hand, I got chills. Really, the beauty and delicacy was quite overwhelming - truly much more than I was expecting. I love the snowy white pearl beads and the contrast in texture of Pater beads and the rich garnet beads - yes, everything about them!" Patricia, USA

"I received the beautiful rosary you made the other day!  It is just as gorgeous as the first one.  They are just perfect and I am truly happy with them" Ann, USA

"I heard from a friend that Simple Rosaries was known for having the most durable and beautiful rosaries around. This is exactly what I wanted for my cousin's baptism. She will have it forever! I highly recommend these rosaries. Totally worth it!" Julia, Massachusetts, USA

"The rosary remake arrived today. It is perfect and has a very nice feel and flow. I really like the length. It will be an heirloom for sure. Your note was so kind. Thank you also for your patience and help.Hoping to have you do more rosaries in the future as gifts." Dolores, Ohio, USA

"Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful rosary - I’m so glad that I chose the Stella Maris rosary. Marian, you have been so kind and helpful during the whole process; I appreciated that so much." Patricia, USA

"Marian, thank you SO much!! This rosary is beyond beautiful. I received it today and had to immediately say a rosary with it. It feels so lovely in my hands and is such a special thing to have and I look forward to it accompanying me in my prayer life everyday. Thank you for your care in constructing it and your eye in putting together these lovely beads. God bless you!" Robin, New Jersey, USA

"I purchased this wonderful rosary for a very close friend and another beautiful rosary for his wife. They both have endured many struggles as a young family, and I know these rosaries will provide them with much consolation. Marian's work is amazing in both design and construction.​" Benjamin, Texas, USA

"Marian....Wow... I think  they look perfect.. what a nice job you did. And so fast. This effort you have made will make these Rosary indestructible. What a very nice thing you have done.I thank you for all  the attention to detail and adding the 'missing' parts." Scott, Arizona, USA

"This is my second rosary from you. I got one when I first entered the Church a few years ago. Dalmatian jasper, which I love and use all the time. But, I saw this one and fell in love with it too! I have recently become a rosary leader in my parish so seemed like a good time for a new rosary." Robin, USA

"I received the hematite rosary today in the mail and can tell you that it was just what I have been searching for.  You see, I am a working man that has gone through so many lesser rosaries because they break and just do not hold up in my pocket.   I have also tried one of the combat rosaries, and while they will not break, I find that the beads are too close together and are uncomfortable to use.  And as you know, today more than ever, a Catholic needs to have his weapon on his person.  This one looks like it will serve my purpose and look beautiful while doing it.  Thank you!​" Andy, Idaho, USA

"Thank you so much for all of the hard work and dedication you provided for the creation of both the rosary and chaplet! They match each other so well and the whole experience was just phenomenal! I never would have dreamed that the rosary and chaplet would turn out so well-constructed and beautiful when I began this whole process! I will treasure both the rosary and chaplet forever!! " Traci, USA

"Wow! I was blown away by the gorgeous horn chaplet you most lovingly made.It is even more beautiful than the pictures. I love it! Thank you. And thank you for your prayers. I will remember you also in mine. " Andrea, USA

"I purchased this rosary for another friend's wife. It arrived and I immeduately noticed the solid construction. There is nothing I dislike more than a flimsy rosary.  This beautiful rosary made a wonderful gift and I am not worried about her young children accidentally breaking it. Thank you again Marian, your work is truly amazing.​" Benjamin, Texas, USA

"Marian, I just received your Rosary. It is so beautiful. I’m thrilled to be able to pray on your Rosary over the Easter Triduum and everyday after. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is one Rosary you’ll never forget." Bonnie, USA

"Marian's rosaries are one of a kind. They are light and delicate, yet durable at the same time. Her customer service is amazing as well. She was able to work with me and make me exactly what I envisioned and quickly too! I love praying with my rosary and will definitely be ordering from her in the future!​" Marianna, Massachusetts, USA

"Thank you for my lovely bracelet it arrived today And yesterday I receive the 1 decade rosary. Thank you again for your lovely gift. The bracelet and rosary bead are gorgeous and made beautifully." Franca, Adelaide, Australia

"I gave up on metal rosaries years ago. I found they could be very frustrating to use and carry. They would easily get tangled and the metal links that hold the beads would partly open and link onto another section of the rosary. So for the most part I have been using string ones with plastic beads. However, I caught wind of this site one day by reading a posting on Fr. Z’s blog. He praised these Rosaries - and with good reason. The Rosary is a powerful and beautiful devotion and, appropriately, these Rosaries are very beautiful. I ordered a sterling sliver one with sea urchin beads. I have to say that as lovely it appeared in the photos. Mine was even more beautiful when it was in my hands. I’ve had mine for a several months now and it never tangles up like the ones I used to own - that is because the metal “links” that hold the beads are not links - they are wound up loops that cannot come apart. It is not only beautiful but well constructed and durable Rosary." Mark, Halifax, Canada

"I bought this rosary for a close friend of mine, having already purchased one for his wife. It was the perfect gift. The design is pleasing without being gaudy and the make is solid. Marian, thank you for sharing your gift for rosary making. " Benjamin, Texas, USA