The Construction of Simple Rosaries

Our Methods

Simple Rosaries crafts jewelry-quality, heirloom rosaries using a few different methods of construction, all of which result in exceptionally strong and durable rosaries.

The first method is called wire-wrapping. Rosaries made using this unique method of construction take approximately three hours to make and require six additional feet of wire than rosaries made the traditional way. Each bead is double wire wrapped using a heavy gauge sterling silver wire. Rosaries made the traditional way are simply hooked together--resulting in easy and frequent breakage. In addition, the crucifix and centerpiece of our wire wrapped rosaries are attached using hand-crafted "bows" instead of inexpensive jump rings. This prevents these components from becoming disconnected with use, over time. The result is a rosary of great beauty and inspiration, a joy to use, a priceless heirloom, which can be passed from one generation to the next. Below is an image of a typical rosary on the left and a wire-wrapped rosary made by Simple Rosaries on the right.

Typical Rosary vs. Simple Rosaries Wire-Wrapped Rosary
Simple Rosaries also offers soft flex beaded rosaries, bracelets, and chaplets. Each one is made with the same high-quality semi-precious stones, crystals and components as our wire wrapped rosaries, but are strung on a very strong nylon-coated, stainless steel beading wire. This 26-lb. test wire is both soft and flexible yet strong and durable -- much more durable than rosaries made using the traditional hooked method. Like our wire wrapped rosaries there are no beads that can become unhooked and no open jump rings to disconnect. This method of construction also allows for some very lovely design innovations that a chain rosary does not. 
Wire-wrapped Rosary vs. Beaded Rosary
You can be assured that when you purchase from Simple Rosaries you will be purchasing a true heirloom, jewelry-quality rosary that is the result of years of gemstone buying and rosary construction experience. At Simple Rosaries, we select only the highest quality precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls and crystals for use in our rosaries. 
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